How to mark a row to be ignored

I have built an attendance app and wish to add calculation into my sheet which summarized how many came to an event, and how many events a specific person attended (one appears in a column and one in a row). I found it easy to ignore a column just by not choosing it by would like to do the same for a certain row.
Is there a way to mark a row so that it won’t appear in the app?
Thanks (great app by the way!!)

Can you use the Filter feature for this?

You should be able to use the filter feature in the app or on the spreadsheet. What column of one of these rows has a value that is unique to those rows? Say it’s numeric and column G, and you want to only include it if it is greater than zero. You can’t do greater than in the app at this point I don’t believe but on the sheet you could create a column H that has an arrayforumla that says something like =arrayformula(if(G2:G > 0, 1,0)) and then in the app create the filter on that value, from Column H, including the rows if their value is 1.


What filter feature…?

In the Features tab in your sidebar, you can create a filter for your list.

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