Delete Entire Row

I have an issue regarding my app. My plan is when the user delete the item on the app (delete item features), the entire row will get deleted (not only the value). For example, if the user delete the item on the 3rd row, the entire row will get deleted and the 4th row will become the new 3rd. Are there any way to do this?

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@DariusGiovanni just out of interest, have you thought about a “soft delete” whereby you simply mark the row with a boolean flag e.g. Deleted or Archived and then filter it out within the app? That way you don’t mess up any “row monitoring” that you might have in place with Zapier or Integromat and you retain the data just in case it might be needed?

@V88_Google The A1 column is the source of Unique Function in sheet Form Data 2 that i use to calculate all my needed information. So if there are blank columns in between the row, the Unique Function will also show the blank column on the Form Data 2 sheet and mess up the entire calculation. I think can’t use the “soft delete” method.

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Not sure how you are handling “deletes” now, but deleting a row is part of the edit function. This will clear the entire row but not physically remove it. This shouldn’t be a problem because glide ignores empty rows. If you are using a unique formula for another sheet, that also ignores empty rows.

Thanks for the reply, i have found the solution for my problem. The Unique function ignores the blank row however we need to put the Filter function inside in order the formula to works. Thanks for the enlightenment.

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not a real delete, but “marked as deleted” and filtered out might be a dirty option to try, well, if you still got so many data rows left.

That’s a good idea.