How to make the On Change triggers run faster


I have an App that use a function seted to take action when a change on sheets will be happen.
The problem is that I need to hard refresh the app on develop mode and on the app installed on the phone this function will take like 15 to 30 seconds.

This function modify 3 columns:
Column 1: have the users in ascending order
Column 2: set the minim value to TRUE. That user will be displayed on the screen
Column3: validation. The admin validate the on screen user(which have the minim value), then the value from Column 1 will give the user= the maxim value + 1
And then the next user will be displayed.

Here is a video:

If you have any suggestions I would be happy to hear them :slight_smile:

Can you go through what exactly is your use case here so we can potentially help you achieve the same result using Glide?

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I have 3 user roles: Admin, Task Manager and User

Admin can see all the users and select a number of users to be appointed in a day.
Task Manager can see just the users appointed in the current day. But he sees users one by one. The idea is that Task Manager can’t give the task to anyone he wants. After giving the task to the User1, the User2 is displayed and so on.

This is a scenario:
Admin select 3 users to be appointed in 25.03.2020
They are: aaa, bbb, ccc.
In 25.03.2020, in the morning Task Manager have a task to be done. He see that aaa is the first. Enter in the aaa page, there the Manager will complete a form with the task. When he hits submit, aaa disappear and appear bbb. Then ccc. After was given a task to ccc, aaa will appear again and so one.

I manage to do this process just with functions in spreadsheets :man_shrugging: