How to link several table together


I would like to link tables as such:

  • A user can have many selections
  • A selection can have a personalization (title x text)
  • A selection can have many articles

So all information can be added to each table. When I create a relation some of the data do not get duplicated as I have no match. I don’t how to do that.

Can someone help me, please?

Can you show us how you’re structuring your tables, especially your relations in some screenshots?

You should be able to have 3 tables:

  • Users table: with a column to house your choice. Your choice should be powered by a choice component, with multiple choices enabled. You should write selections’ IDs for this, not their actual names.

  • Selections table: title, text, relation to Articles table.

  • Articles table: Selection ID, plus any other info you need for an article.

thank @ThinhDinh,

that’s absolutely not what I have done :joy:

here are my screenshots:
Users table :arrow_down_small:
Expected goals :

  • Get all users info (Name, email, type (User or Admin)
  • They can create a selection and personalize it by adding a title and add an intro, The selection and personalization must be editable

Theme table :arrow_down_small:
Expected goal :

  • All articles have a theme

Articles table :arrow_down_small:
Expected goal:

Personalisation table :arrow_down_small:
Expected goal:

  • For all selections, the user must be able to add a title and a small introduction

Selection table :arrow_down_small:
Expected goals:

  • Gather all articles selected by the users
  • Must be editable. i.e. the user can add or remove an article from it
  • The user can send the selection with the personalization (title x text) via email or an alert can be sent on Slack (I don’t know yet :sweat_smile:)

I’m going to start again with your instruction. Hope the screenshot will help to understand what I’m aiming for.

PS I cannot add several screenshots. let me know if you want me to send it privately.

Thanks by advance