Relate multiple rows in one table to 1 columns in another table

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I want to have an app with 2 lists: users and courses, with the option of selection a specific user and choosing which courses he/she has been on (and vice versa).

I have 2 tables: ‘users’ (with name and email) and ‘courses’ (with coursename and description). Is it possible to add another column in ‘users’ with the option of selecting muliple rows from ‘courses’? I can’t figure out to use relation when there is no identical data in the 2 tables. Should I use another datatype to connect the tables, or a third table?


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You’d have to create a text column with a comma separated list of courses per user. Then, split the column to create an array of courses. Then relate the split text column to the courses table.

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Hi Robert,
I managed to follow your description. But as I see it, I then have to update the commaspearated column in the sheet everytime a new course is added to a user, instead of having a checklist in the layout with the option of selection the courses he/she has been on?

A choice component with a checklist style will write that comma delimited list of courses for you.

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Thanks both… It seems to work fine…

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