How to link aggregate data from one work sheet as a column in another worksheet?

So I have two sheets one which covers services and then another with people who are validating that these services are valid.

For example:
Service A with a column validated by in services table.
Multiple entries with service A and validated by exists in validators table

User Flow
A user can add any services to the services table.
Any user can click on validate column of service and fill in his name and then the validators table will be filled with the service name and name of a validator.

What I want is to aggregate the values in validated_by in the validators table and bring them to services table. Also, I want to check the number of validated_by aggregate and set another value as verified=true based on a condition that sum(validated_by) > 5.

I cannot find anyway to do this after extensive google search. I searched for aggregate value in worksheet to another worksheet etc.

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

You don’t need Google formulas for this, you can do it with Glide computed columns.
You’ll just need to create a multi-relation between the two sheets, and then you can get your counts and
(sums) aggregates using Rollup columns.


Thanks this worked :heart: