How to know the row ID of an item I am just now adding?

In my app, I have a notification table where I add events that are triggered by users. for example when someone votes for you or if someone comments on your post.
I want to create a notification when someone publishes new content. and I want to be able to link back to that piece of content.

In the form submission of the content (when I create the post) I am able to add an “add row” action that will add a line in the notification table. but I don’t know how to add the ID of the item we were just now creating.

any ideas?

There are a few different ways to handle this. One way would be to set a value in your User Profiles table with a Unique Identifier at the beginning of the content creation process, and then use this value as the ContentID when the content is saved, and use the same value in your Notifications table.


Thanks, I’ll try that