How to get the last RowID during the Actions where new Row was added

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It seems I already solved such issue but forgot :thinking:
How to get the RowID of just added Row in the native table WITHIN the same Actions after AddRow? :roll_eyes:
SingleColumn does not keep up - it gives out the RowID of the record that was the last BEFORE adding - seems too short time to found the new one((.

You can’t. Add Row action doesn’t allow you to retrieve the Row ID within the same action…and you’re right…single column value > Last will result in an empty value because it happens too quickly.

The only way to get a value from the newly created row would be to use a Glide Form rather than a custom form with Add Row action and then use an “on submit” action to capture the Row ID.


Hi Bob :wave:
Thank you very much for your attention. But it was too hard for me to stop this issue as impossible :wink: So I remembered the way i solved this before as @christoph described it here.
It works! By putting an unique ID into the user row, I insert that ID into an user specific column while adding the new row. Having a relation in an User Table looking for that ID in the just added Row, I retrieve it’s Row ID through a lookup.
Done :smiley:

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