How to import data without consuming "Syncs"

I would like to import a table from Excel into Glide, but the process stops midway and I am unable to complete it.
I’m not sure of the exact reason, but the process is not going well.

Is there any way to resolve this issue without consuming “Syncs”?
Is there a way to use a Google Sheets without consuming “Syncs”?

I’m creating smartphone app, and the table consists of 350 rows and 15 columns. I am currently using the free plan.

If anyone knows, please kindly respond.

Import the Excel data as a Glide Table and you will not use any syncs.


Thank you for your response.
As mentioned before, when I try to import from Excel, the process stops.
Is there any good solution? I’m really in trouble.

That probably suggests that your Excel spreadsheet is structured in a way that causes Glide to get confused.

What does your spreadsheet look like at the point where the process stops? If you examine that section, you might find some clues. Make sure you don’t have things like pivot tables, merged rows and/or columns, etc.

Perhaps try exporting to CSV first, and then import the CSV to Glide.


I was able to do it easily by converting it to CSV.

Thank you very much.

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