How to Hide Tabs/Screens Based on Subscription Plan

Hi Everyone,

I want to know if there is a way to hide some tabs/screens depending on a subscription plan my customer pay for?

Here is the scenario, the app PRIVACY will be a Public with Optional Sign-in and Users in the users’ table. Please see the attached screenshot.

Customer will have 2 plans to choose from, Basic and Premium. The Premium plan allows all the features and all tabs/screens to be visible whether someone signs in or not.

However, if a customer chooses the Basic plan, I want to hide some tabs/screen from their app whether they are signed in or not.

Is this possible? If so, will you show me how to accomplish this?

Thank you in advance.

You could accomplish this by using a visibility condition on the tab level (under options) and based on the membership plan in the users profile.

E.g. show tab when users profile → subscription → is → Premium

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That would work if the user logs in but when the customer has a basic subscription and is not signed in. I want it to hide some tabs.

If the customer is not signed in, they are not really a user then are they?

I hide everything when someone isn’t logged in and then use conditional visibility as described by Eric.

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