How to hide QR code on the app's sign-in page


I would like to remove the qr code when presenting the application. is it possible?

@Pole_Mobilite As far as I know, we builders cannot remove the QR code specifically.

I believe the QR code appears in a few different places. Which place did you have in mind?

Without a QR code, would you want your users to access your app by typing in the URL? Are you concerned that many users don’t know how to use QR codes?

(With Covid and the usage of QR codes in restaurants and hotels – I speak for Germany, France and Italy – the use of QR codes has become more common.)


I am using my glide app in a school and I don’t want the students to register the QR code. That’s why I want to hide the QR code


I understand.

Have you tried the following: isolate the tab you are in to present in its own browser window and change the size of the window?

I tried and in my setup, there is a point where the QR code disappears.

I am having the problem on a touch screen and I can’t hide it!

So you can’t resize the browser window? Is this a pro or free app?

a pro application


I’m not familiar with the touch screen you are using, but maybe you could try the following:

  • In your browser,
  • go to “Developer tools” (also called “Inspect” or “Inspector”)
  • inspect the elements of the page,
  • find the “div” element that contains the QR code,
  • right click on the code
  • and select “Hide”.

N.B. When you reload the page, everything will be back to normal. You should be able to navigate your app without a page reload.

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Since it’s a pro app, you can turn on tablet/desktop mode in Settings/Appearance. This will display the app fullscreen without the QR code.

@Jeff_Hager, good call.

This might be unexpected behavior, but when appending “/full” on the end of an app’s URL, apps go into fullscreen, personal/free ones included.


it works THANKS

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