How to have tab always load first screen

I am building a simple shopping cart system. The flow is:

  • Screen 1: After adding things to their cart, the user clicks on the Cart tab.
    [user clicks proceed]
  • Screen 2: The user enters their payment info
    [user clicks submit]
  • Screen 3: They see a thank you

The problem is that if they return to shopping for things, the cart tab stays stuck on screen 3. (They can go there and hit back, and it’ll eventually go back to screen 1 – but this isn’t intuitive.)

Is there a way to resolve this? For example, maybe the tab should always load the first screen?

You can add an action on the form in step 3.
The on submit action could be “go to tab” and select the screen you want to show (the screen from step 1 I assume).

Thank you! I updated to add a “Back to Shopping Cart” button. Not ideal, but definitely better.

Is there any way you can think of to have the purchase button reset the tab back to the first screen, and then open up some sort of “Thank you” screen? (One option is to get rid of a thank you screen and just have a thank you notification, and then go back to the original Cart screen. But I’d rather have a real screen since the thank you part has additional purchase instructions.)

If you absolutely need to have a “Thank you” screen then I think your only option is to have a button on that screen, but frame it like “Click to continue shopping”.

Meanwhile, you set a flag in the user profiles table so that when the user clicks “Purchase” in the previous step, the only thing they would see is your “Thank you” screen. That will force them to click the “Click to continue shopping” screen.

Would love some further screenshots here, but that’s my 2 cents.