Go back after Buy Button payment

I am working on a shop app, everything works correctly but when I have completed the payment and return to the home to create a new order, glide shows me the last section open in that tab without restarting from the first step of the tab. How can I go back to the first step of the tab after completing a payment? The same thing happens to me if I create an action with “Go to tab XYZ”. I would like to get to the beginning of the Tab XYZ and not the last step seen

You should be able to use a series of Go Back actions in a Custom Action sequence.

Alternatively, you could set up a user specific boolean column that effectively does a reset of that tab, and toggle its status when done.

It’s the native buy button though, I think he’s mentioning that we don’t have control over what that button does.

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oh, right… oops, ignore me then :crazy_face:

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Ya…the buy button needs an overhaul…needs “on submit” actions, it needs to be able to pull from computed columns, etc.


Agreed. This could be a HUGE win for Glide to give the buy button some TLC…would use it a lot more in our apps if it had just a few more of these basic functions.

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And a bit of customization on the payment screen would be great. Sometimes I want to replace the “Place order” text but have no way to do it.

Yes, buy button need a big upgrade.
Action configuration first.

Or maybe they can add buy Button in configurable action.