Buy Button Trigger

What happens after a user processes a transaction using the buy button?

After testing the buy button feature the payment processes and then nothing happens.

I would like once a payment is successfully processed for the user to be taken to the home page or
to a screen that would allow them to view their reservation details.

Instead the feature triggers a success notification and then the user is taken back to the original listing.

I may be all over the place but once a notification is made it seems that to make a confirmation is a manual process and i need to figure out how to automate the process.

Any Zapier guru;s out there

Thank you

You dont need to use a zap, just configure a normal button to do a custom action under the features column. I don’t know if this would work for your use case but I have used this method a lot.

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Thank you

You’re right, there are no way to customize the actions for a buy button. This would be REALLY nice, just like with Form/Add/Edit screens…have an “After submit” action.


This is exactly what i need done is an “after submit” action

100% AGREED! Adalo has actions you can set when a payment is successful or not. Would LOVE to see this in Glide.


Yes :raised_hands:

Do you know if this ever happened?