How to get sum based on many criteria


Hope u r doing well. Here I’ve shared a screenshot.

Let Tom be staff.
I need to get his total conveyance, total OT & total HD for specific month.

Thanks in Advance.

Here’s what I would do:

  1. Get the month and year as separate columns (can be done using a Math column, or in Sheets, your preference). Edit: just saw that you already have the month column; adding the year column will ensure you can get appropriate results next year too!

  2. Create a template to combines the user’s name (or better yet, a more unique identifier for the User that won’t change), the month and year. (Example result: April 2021)

  3. Create a multiple relation of the template column to itself.

  4. Create Rollup columns to get the sum of each column you need to calculate.


Its working. Thanks, Buddy.