How to get link to current scrren

Hi all!
I would like to know how to acquire a link to the current screen and save it in the data set. I would like to create a QR code for each post in my app (so I can share), but I can not find a way to store each link to each post page.

Hi @shumin_lin,

This is how I would go about it…

In the data editor, in your posts table, you have a column set up. This will be a link column. This is where the link to screen for each post will be written.

On the front end of your App. You go to the details screen of each post. It has to be a details screen otherwise, if it’s a tab then all your QR Codes will default to the main domain of your App.

On the details screen of your posts you add a button with the action “Set column” and if you click on the set column action, you will then go to the column that you set up in the data editor for the “link to screen” and by clicking the 3 dots in “link to screen” column within the actions screen, you can then select “Link to screen”.
Remember to save your action.
Now to get the right link to the screen. You need to generate the link from your App not from the App builder. That means you must open the post details screen from your mobile and then press the button to get the link to screen.

You can name your button anything you like e.g. “Generate link for this post” or “Generate QR code” and you can play around with visibility conditions where the button is not visible if the column “Link to screen” is empty. You can also make the button only accessible to the author of the post only by using visibility conditions.
I hope this covers your question but feel free to ask if you have any issues. All the best.


After you get the link from @Luther 's advice, you can generate a QR code using this column.

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