How to fix the image

I have 2 question with the images

1st Image does not fit on the screen, Its a pdf file near about 300pages in a pdf file. I tried all the setting at right hand, image height

2nd What is the dimension of the card. I have list of cards below each other. I want to insert image inside the card, If get correct dimension i can design it.


First, a PDF is not an image, even though it will show it in an image component. At most I think it will only show the first page. I would recommend reading through the following threads to find a different way to display a PDF in the app.

Second, the size of an image in pixels is not as important. What’s important is the ratio you selected for your cards. It looks like you are using a 3:1 ratio for your cards layout. Just make sure your image is 3 times wider than it is tall. Then it will fit in the placeholder for the card image without cutting anything off.


If you want, you can also use this trick to resize images dynamically using Cloudinary using a template column.

The below example resizes an image to fit within a 3:1 container. Adjust the w and h to adjust the ratio.,w_900,h_300/{IMAGEURL}