How to Filter a Multiple Relation

Hi!! I have a table that hase some records of pilots. And then I have another table that has these ones but one for each level.

Table 1:
Pilot 1
Pilot 2
Pilot 3

Table 2:
Pilot 1 Level 1
Pilot 1 Level 2
Pilot 1 Level 3
Pilot 2 Level 1
Pilot 2 Level 2
Pilot 2 Level 3
Pilot 3 Level 1
Pilot 3 Level 2
Pilot 3 Level 3

I can relate the Table 1 to Table 2 in a multiple relation like you can see here:

But what I want now is to create a new relation in order to FILTER this one. I mean imagine that I have Pilot 2 at Level. Then I want to relate ONLY the Levels that I don’t have for that Pilot. Is there a way to do that?

Do you mean let’s say Pilot 2 has Level 1, 2 but you have 4 Levels then your results would be Level 3 and 4?

Exaclty, this is because to level up a Pilot is need some coins and I want to rollup in a sup how much it costs to Level a Pilot to Level 4 if i’m in Level 2. Then I want to get in the relation the levels 3 and 4 because I want to sum them.