How to Filter a Multiple Relation

Hi!! I have a table that hase some records of pilots. And then I have another table that has these ones but one for each level.

Table 1:
Pilot 1
Pilot 2
Pilot 3

Table 2:
Pilot 1 Level 1
Pilot 1 Level 2
Pilot 1 Level 3
Pilot 2 Level 1
Pilot 2 Level 2
Pilot 2 Level 3
Pilot 3 Level 1
Pilot 3 Level 2
Pilot 3 Level 3

I can relate the Table 1 to Table 2 in a multiple relation like you can see here:

But what I want now is to create a new relation in order to FILTER this one. I mean imagine that I have Pilot 2 at Level. Then I want to relate ONLY the Levels that I don’t have for that Pilot. Is there a way to do that?

Do you mean let’s say Pilot 2 has Level 1, 2 but you have 4 Levels then your results would be Level 3 and 4?

Exaclty, this is because to level up a Pilot is need some coins and I want to rollup in a sup how much it costs to Level a Pilot to Level 4 if i’m in Level 2. Then I want to get in the relation the levels 3 and 4 because I want to sum them.

Did you find a solution? I think I have the same problem.

Taking @adriasoce 's example.

You would have a “Level” text column to simply store a comma-delimited list of levels for the pilot.

Then you split that to an array using the Split Text column.

Next, you create an array of all levels using the Make Array column.

Finally, you create a “Remove Elements” column to get the final result.

You can then use the final array to create the relations as needed.