How to DL as app and/or activate location once you've X'ed out?!

SO, when users open the app for the first time they have the opportunity to save the app to their phone and to turn on their location immediately.

If a user opts out of the options, or deletes app and wants to redownload, how do you do that?

I opted out of location and deleted the app to see if i could access them again and i can’t figure it out.


Are you sure you uninstalled it completely, or just removed the icon from the home screen? In your browser menu, I see you have ‘Open Ververy Beta’ listed. That would indicate to me that you still have the app installed. Normally if the app is not installed and the user skipped installation initially, then you would see an ‘Install app’ option in the browser menu. That is the alternative way for them to install an app.

To enable location, you can either clear your entire browser cache, or more specifically, you can clear the cache for individual websites. If you just want to reenable location the here are some instructions.


You’re the best, thanks!!

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