Can you change the "wants to know your location" message

Can I add information to this message for the users?

No, that is the browser’s default message, I believe.

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Do you know if there a way to turn it off so the pop up doesn’t happen?

It’s a protection feature imposed by the browser to make the user aware that their location is being tracked or read by the website. It’s asking explicit permission if the user wants to share their location or not. There is nothing that you or glide can do to prevent it. If you don’t want it to show, then the only option is to disable all location based services within your app. Otherwise it’s up to the user to determine if they want to permanently allow or disallow their location to be used for that particular website. Many websites show this warning of they use location services. You probably see it more often for websites that want to send you notifications. It’s the same with location. The browser is providing some protection to the user so they can choose if they want to protect their location or if they want to receive persistent notifications from a particular website.


Yes, completely understandable. I am trying to get my app in the app store and apple wants a purpose string or a usage description on my location pop-up. So if I can’t change the messaging I will need to deactivate everything related to location.

Yeah that’s tricky. Glide is designed and focused on being purely a web app. Successfully getting a web app into an app store is completely up to you, and results can vary. Apple is especially strict on allowing apps into the app store. I think people have had problems getting web apps accepted into app stores and can sometimes have them removed because the app is ultimately just a wrapper for a web based app. Basically a stripped down web browser that only allows access to one website (your app).

My personal opinion is that I would be much more willing to visit and install a web app via a url, compared to downloading an app from the app store. I only install a very limited number of well established apps from the app store…but I will visit tons of websites every day.


Honestly, I completely agree. I wasn’t really interested in the app store, but I think for the lay person webapps are more confusing bc they don’t understand where they live, completely overlook the popup to “download to home screen”, and automatically think apps can only be found in app stores. I also have found it seems to legitimize it more for people. And unfortunately I can’t run around explaining it to everyone if I’m trying to grow a network effect, so I’ll try to get it in the app store, but if not, oh well. Appreciate your time as always!

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Let @JackVaughan do the work for you :wink: