Getting a GEO Location when approving a Task

I will like know if Glide can show a GEO Location of where a manager approved a Task.

If the manager reviews the task and find everything to be okay and press the Approve button, I will like to see the location and time of where the task was approved.

Is this something that can be built into the App, and also will the manager needs to switch on location permission for this to work, if permission needs to be set on the phone, is there a way to override this ?

If websites could override user permissions on their own devices, then that would be a little scary. There wouldn’t be much point to having permissions in the first place. Yes, the user has to approve the ability for not only the browser, but also the specific website to be able to access their location. In most cases, this should pop up and ask them if they approve when opening the app. If not, or the user has decided the permission, then they will have to manually update the permission in the OS and browser site settings.

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