How to display user specific data on a Public app

Hi dear Community :slight_smile:
I finally took some time to work on the app, and finally I managed to have something functionnal!

The app basically requires a sign in, only allowed if the e-mail is one the participants of the event.
On couple of screens, I display user-specific data (workshops, personal infos, etc…)

Since I have 400 participants this year, does it means that my app should “support” 400 private users?

Is there a way to use the “visibility” mechanism, to publish user specific data, even if the app is public?

Thanks for you help.

If you want to restrict app access to only those 400 users, then they would have to be private users and you would need a plan that would accommodate that amount of users. Probably an Enterprise plan.

You could keep the app public, and use visibility and filtering (and maybe row owners depending on the situation) but anybody could sign in and data not protected by row owners won’t be secure.

Hi Jeff,

Yes I am (re)digging in the documentation, and I cant’ affort the price of an enterprise plan, just for a weekend of usage :money_mouth_face:

The user specific data isn’t sensitive, and the rest of data can be found on our web site as well.
So just to confirm, if my app is public and with a e-mail sign in, I should be able to have 400 people logged in right?

Still depends on the plan. Currently the Pro plan allows for 500 public signed in users, so that would be your best bet.

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Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:
I’m gonna go with the try and learn strategy!

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