How to display Calculated columns


I have several calculated columns in my Data editor (IF-then-else, make array), but these columns aren´t not listed in my Page. (on the picture below)


Is there any way to solve this?

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The component you are using (Text Entry) accepts a single value, so you could not use it with a Make Array column (for example), because a Make Array column contains an array.

If-then-else should be available, as long as it returns a single value.

Scratch all that. Breakdown in eye-brain co-ordination. Correct answer from Jeff below.

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No calculated (computed) columns should ever be available for any entry components. Computed columns compute values. They don’t hold values like a basic column does.


oh, duh - yes :crazy_face:

Another one of my disconnected brain moments. Thanks for the correction, Jeff.

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With all do respect, you’re not completely wrong regarding arrays not working with single values. Just doesn’t apply in this context. :wink:

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