Need help getting Javascript-calculated array to show up table

I see there is a column type “Make Array,” that nicely bubbles the values in the cell.
Since it doesn’t support creating the array from calculated values, I’m trying to do this with Javascript instead.

I’ve seen threads like this one on how to return an array, but nothing seems to populate the cell (no nice values appearing in bubbles). What am I doing wrong?

Can you expand on this? What kind of issues are you running into regarding Make Array and computed columns?

The javascript column can only return single text strings. You will have to join the array items into a single delimited text value and return that. Then use a Split Text column to convert it to an array.

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That worked! Thank you. I didn’t realize that Javascript columns could only return text strings. I used toString() on the return.

I also appreciate the tip to use the Split Text column next, because I didn’t know about that column type. Since Make Array expects values to come from separate columns, I would have been stuck on the next step.

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