How to detect change in a value?

I have a column whose values get reshuffled on entering into an inline list, and also gets reshuffled on coming out of an inline list. How can I detect that the values in the column has changed? In other words, how do I create a column that can detect if a value in another column has changed or not?

Presumably you’re looking to detect the change in the Glide Table, and not in the Google sheet, yes?
Also, I guess it’s safe to assume that these changes happen as a result of a user doing “something”. ie. tapping a button or similar?

I could probably come up with a way to do it for a single row, but an entire column might be a challenge. If an entire column, what would you expect to happen if some values change, but not all?

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Yes, change in the glide table. The change happens when user clicks on an item in an inline list which is linked to an action Reshuffle. It has to happen only in a single row. And going back from the inline list does the Reshuffle action again. Any other action can also be tried.

Okay, so just thinking out aloud here…

What you could probably do is have a User Specific Column, and set the value in that column to be the same as the column you want to “watch”, just before the reshuffle action. Then have an if-then-else column that compares the values in the two columns. Something like true if they are the same, or blank if not. Then if the value of the “watched” column changes as a result of the reshuffle, this should be reflected in the if-then-else column.


Thanks for the idea. Here’s my use case which I am trying to use the above idea. Now, I feel it may not be possible with the above idea.

I have an inline list. When user clicks on one item of the inline list, I have an action which sets the value in a Status Column to Online. When the user comes out of the inline list, I want to detect that the user is currently not inside the online list. There is no action linked to the Back arrow to come out of an inline list. Is there some other way, I could detect this and make a change to the Status column?

What you could do is use CSS to hide the back button, and then add a custom back button to the Inline List details screen. When the user taps that button, you can have a multi-step action that checks the status, makes any necessary changes, and then finishes with a “Go Back” action.

You can hide the back button with the following CSS:

{ display: none }

Awesome! Thank you much! CSS to hide the back button is a great idea.

Hi @Darren_Murphy,
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Well. my use case is actually not initiated by the user.
The change is actually based on an API column. This API is tracking an official government service request. Only once the service request has been approved, the API column will “show something”. As governments go, it could take quite some time until this column comes alive. Once it does, I’d like to trigger an email to the account manager for that client, or perhaps add to a bucket list of various updates (which I have yet to build), or anything similar.
I have looked into the Google Sheets module on Make (Integromat), but it can only watch for new rows (not the case here), or watch for changes made directly from the Sheets app (also not the case here).
Any ideas?

Side note - this actually brings me to another question: are these API column updated on a time interval basis, without any trigger by the user or by the admin (myself)?

As far as I aware those only update when a parameter in your URL is updated. I usually add a t=[current time in numeric form] param to my parameter so it updates every 10 seconds. Only do it if you don’t have a quota for calls.

I don’t think I have a good answer for you on doing something based on API value changes. If you’re doing it in a Google Sheets then it might be doable through a script (GET request every X minutes, then if a certain value is not empty, update it to another column and send an email, for example).

The API fetch column might be just GET requests, if I understand it right.

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I concur with this.

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Thanks guys.
I reached out to Glide’s support and @SantiagoPerez recommended this workaround.

I used this myself in one of my apps but I do not have a API call quota as the API is in my own server.

So @ThinhDinh might be right about the quota.