How to delete

Hi. How to clean / delete all the unused tables from my account / organisation ?
Each time i’m trying / testing its creating new tables… its a chaos lol

Is it possible to clean my space ?

I guess I’m not entirely sure. I’ve gotten in the habit of deleting unused tables from apps before deleting the app. I’m not sure if there is a way to delete tables outside of an app.

Just curious, on your link tables screen, have you tried to select one of the tables and then press the delete key on your keyboard? Not sure if that would work.

I guess worst case you could add tables to a dummy app and then delete the table from there.

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That would have been my suggestion. I don’t think there is any other way :man_shrugging:


Also I noticed from your screenshot that many of your tables are named the same. I have developed the habit of renaming tables by including the name of the app at the beginning of the table name. I use initials in capital letters. It’s not ideal and I take the risk of having apps with the same name, but for now it’s helped me keep tables somewhat organized.

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