How to delete a row in glide tables?

Researched this all over and still cant figure this out.

Click on the Row Number at the far left hand side and a check mark will appear.
Then hit your delete key.
If you’re on a Chromebook, then I believe that Alt-Backspace does the same job.

Hey Darren, Thanks, i’ve tried this… idk if this matters but im on a 60% keyboard. And both are still not working for me :frowning:

click the row number, not a checkmark if you have a favorite column there, and hit backspace, not delete

What about FN->Backspace?

i cant select just the number it clicks the check mark in glide tables…

Nope. Doesnt work.

This is what im seeing.

click row number and backspace

Okay, well I’d never heard of a 60 keyboard until 5 minutes ago, but Google suggested that FN->Backspace should work.

So I don’t know. What key combinations do you use for delete in other applications? It should be the same.

How can i select row number without checkmark… ha. I’ve even zoomed up 300X and still cant just select the number without it getting a checkmark

yeah its just delete… and or FN but it wont work for some reason.

i was talking about if you have a favorite column in the first position… it might confuse you

Oh yeah im brand new to this ha. I am not sure what that means right now.

i see your fav column is far… so just number… it should change to a checkmark… and then Backspace key

ah okay i think it had to do with my 60% keyboard functions. I just opened up my virtual PC keyboard and it work just fine. Wanted to reply to this for anyone else having trouble. Thanks for those who helped out. I appreciate it.

what is a 60% keyboard? :wink: no functions?