How to customize 2 child screens having the same source on parent screen

I am using two screens with a collection component having the same source (table type). The screens show me different results because of the distinctive filters. The problem is that to consult the child records the two screens are identical. Unable to customize the screen of the child page (all compoment which is
added on a screen , is added automatically on the other screen.
Any Help is appreciated



Change you action which opens the child screen to ‘Show New Screen’

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Thanks for your response.

I have

  • 2 different parent screens
  • But the navigation drives me to the screen detail which is the same.

This action is basic. I mean to acces the screen detail, is just a click on a item of the list on the parent screen.

What do you mean by “Change you action” ?

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By default the item click action is show detail screen… we need to change that

In the right hand side of editor you can change the ‘on item click’ action… change that to show new screen

I think it’s under options → enable advanced actions or something like that


The problem by this way, the parent datas are not transferred to the child screen.
So the child screen (source type relate) is empty.

What parent data do you need to be transferred to the “child screen”?

Have you tried using “Show new screen” as Eric suggested?

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Yes I tried.
As the source of child screen is a source type relate, by using an customize action (go to tab) , I have any input data usefull to collect and to display data on child screen.
Ok , I didn t have use the good action.

I’m not sure what you mean here. Can you include some screenshots?

Solved by using the action “Show new screen” as Eric suggested.


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