How to create tab inside a page

Hi Gliders,

Need your advise on how to create a tab inside a page, the purpose is to compile different related pages, instead of showing all page in the menu bar. As I understand that sub menu is not available yet (for apps and pages).

The general approach to this is to have your “tab” choices write a value to a User Specific Column, and then change the content on the rest of the screen with visibility conditions, based on the value in that column.


Well the first step would be to subscribe to the next plan then do all the above :slight_smile:

keep in mind every switch between tabs will cost you updates so unless you are comfortable on your updates count, you should avoid this.

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Thank you Darren for a swift reply as usual, I understand and have applied the visibility approach base on userprofile. Although in some case where a generic page(s) should be available to anyone access the page. I have about 10-12 page which I feel need to make a grouping or menus to make it more organize.
Im making a project management system where there is a administration page, task manager page, production page, Shipment , etc.
I can group them together but visually may not so ideal.
Hopefully the sub menus can be implemented soon as it is a basic means to organize things.

Again thank you !

Yes, I agree that sub-tabs would be useful. But you can still get a similar effect with a little bit of creativity. For example, in the use case that you described what you could do is use a collection and modify the collection item actions such that each leads to a separate “sub-section”. This would also avoid the update count issue that rayo alluded to.


Good idea, that is what Im currently doing to group together in a container (collection) , one feedback I can comment is that if I have too many collection in single page, the vertical view will be long. Still playing around which suitable workaround for the time being. =)

Appreciate your response and reminder, Im not really aware that switching tabs is consider update which is consumable per month, my wrong understanding that update is base on the record update.


I’ve had good results using a Card style with a small 16:9 aspect ratio image. With those settings, I find that 15 items (3 rows of 5) fit quite comfortably on a single screen (depending on the users screen resolution, of course).

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