How to create an onboarding survey

Hi - i’m trying to create an onnboarding questionaire for my users when setting up their app.

Any ideas on how I can use forms for this?



Hi @Dave_McManus.

Can you describe what you want the onboarding to achieve? Do you want to get info from them? Read stuff?

I imagine that a form with a mixture of the following could be quite good.

  • Editable components - for things you want them to fill in
  • Images - to show things or make the form look pretty
  • Non edit components - for things you want them to read
  • Checkboxes or switches - to say they’ve read the things

Hi Jack - thanks! I watched your videos on this (great by the way), but what i’m really trying to figure out is:

  1. When a user first arrives to my app, is there a way to surface the onboarding screens & questionaire as most other apps do?

  2. When a user completes the survey the page then disappears and the app is like nnormally. Basically like a standard onboarding for most apps?

If this is possible I’d love to know as it’s pretty crucial for getting early people to adopt an application. (1 education & 2 collecting data so we can personalize the app for them).



Also how do I link screens together? Is this possible? I think this will solve my problem.




So basically it’s the appearing & disappearing of the screen you’re after? To be honest, I’m not sure - but it might be possible. I’d have to fiddle around myself to make it work. It’s not a native feature of Glide.

Do you mean this?

Thanks @JackVaughan link to screen is exactly what i’m after.

I might just have a button in their profile to say ‘complete our quiz’ to kick things off. Then keep working on figuring out how to do the disappearing on the screen later on (for on boarding purposes).



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Sweet! If you have time, maybe you could post something here afterwards to help future members?

No pressure though :slight_smile:

Definitely will do. Also thank you and the team for making this happen! It’s going to completely change the entrepreneurial landscape.

I would love to pitch an idea for an edu-tech concept (utilizing Glide) I’m working on - my email is

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Cool - i’ve emailed you.

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I’ve started to build a concept for this with what’s currently available. It’s not complete and probably not the ideal solution, but it might give you some ideas. Just look for Onboarding in the app to check it out.

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This is awesome thanks, Jeff! I will be setting it up this weekend, I’ll share a video with you.

I think I’ll just have a button on our homepage that says ‘Start Here’ --> then flow them into the onboarding survey. I don’t think there’s a way to remove a component based on whether a user has completed the survey or not right?



Just an idea.
What if you put a a checkbox with a note to user that when they first connect to the app they need to complete the onboarding which you put in the new menu feature.
Once they complete the onboarding have the user check the box and filter the data both per user and per check box not true and it will disappear…
Not sure if this is what you wanted and for sure not elegant but maybe will work for you.

@Dave_McManus There appears to be a hide option in staging that appears to give the ability to hide or show components based on another columns value. Haven’t played with it much, but I think this would be extremely helpful for several reasons. In my sample app, you can see that components show or hide based on the checkbox value, so it’s somewhat possible with static values and formulas, but it’s not great yet. In the sheet I am dynamically filling or clearing columns based on the checkbox value.

@yinon_raviv That’s a great idea. I might have to rework my sample a bit to use the new menu.

How can you show/hide components based on cell value/checkbox?

I may be wrong about the hide feature in staging. I only see it for the Rich Text component and I’m not entirely sure what it’s for. I had made an assumption.
As for how I’m currently showing and hiding components: Certain display only components will not display if that value in the sheet is blank. If you look at my example app spreadsheet, you can see that when the checkbox is true, some columns some columns will be filled (you could also setup the formula to become blank). If the checkbox is false, then the opposite occurs. This is all done with formulas that look at the value of the checkbox column in the sheet. It’s not perfect, especially when you have buttons or editable components. Copy my app and play with the onboarding sheets in the spreadsheet. Hopefully it’s self explanatory.

How can I copy your app? Where can I find it?

That what I thought. I’ve been on mobile all weekend hhhh

Just an FYI, I modified the Onboarding process a little on @yinon_raviv suggestion. Now the Terms/GDPR are in the upper left Menu. There you can agree to terms for the user. This will still ultimately control the showing of components on the Onboarding demo page in the app.