How to Create a Glide App for Stock Holding Portfolio Management with Google Sheets Integration?

Is it feasible to create a Glide app for a stock holding portfolio, where users can input their stock holdings, and the app will interact with Google Sheets to retrieve crucial data like current prices, stop loss, hold/sell recommendations, etc.? To achieve this, I understand the need for user-specific columns for data entry. However, my question is, how can I enable communication between the Glide app and Google Sheets to provide users with real-time feedback? Would using Zapier be a suitable solution for this integration?

So how are you doing in this in Sheets? If you just use math formulas, then there’s a chance to do it all in Glide Tables. We would want to know more about your intended data structure though. Wouldn’t users have to create new rows for themselves with the stock symbol and their amount of holdings?

I figured out a way by collecting user’s email with their input and then filtering by matching email.

I think there’s a chance to do it within Glide though, as Jeff suggested in your other thread. If you can share more details with us we’ll try to help where we can.

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