Create a "Stock Tracker Portfolio" w/ Glide using Yahoo Finance & Nasdaq APIs

Hello Glide members !

I’m launching a thread to introduce my application that I create to track my stock market investments, determine my monthly dividend income and much more.

1️⃣ Context

I’ve been interested in the stock market for +1 year, and after investing my first dollars (Revolut LTD), I needed to accurately track my investments, analyze the health of the companies in which I invested and the income I was going to receive through dividends.

So, I started to create a simple Google Sheet tracker using GoogleFinance formulas but I was quickly limited by the poor data returned by the function.

And after several months of work, I found a way to get for free the data from Yahoo Finance and Nasdaq using their public API which allows me to have a lot of data which update auto and to follow very precisely the evolution of my stock portfolio.

Thanks to this, I was able to quickly build a Glide application named Stock Tracker Portfolio.

2️⃣ Stock Tracker Portfolio

As I now have the required data on my spreadsheet, I was able to start building a great application, complete and easy to use, to (I think) start safely his stock market investments.

Thus, I created several different tabs:

  • Portfolio: to easily follow its actions, their evolution and the technical indicators that allow to know more about each company.

  • Informations: to follow the global stock market valuation of its portfolio, determine its yield and the value of the dividends that will be paid annually. In this tab, it is possible to make your portfolio evolve. Indeed, when you buy a new share or receive a dividend, a form is available to update the app.

  • Dashboards: which allows, with the help of Donut and Graph Bar, to visually follow your investments, the balance of your portfolio and the evolution of your remuneration thanks to dividends.

  • Timetable: to follow all portfolio movements and keep an accurate history.

  • IPO Calendar: to keep an eye on the upcoming IPOs of different companies.

Here’s the link of my web application >

Would you be willing to use it? I’m interested in setting up the application for 5 people from the community and receive a maximum of feedbacks :slight_smile:

The application is oriented US market, with a focus on dividend stocks and written in .FR but I can however easily make it evolve to other markets (€,£…), other objectives and translate it.

Thank you for reading and do not hesitate to answer if you have any questions.

Cheers !
Corentin R.


Looks like a Great App.

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I have been working on and off to create something similar to this and this is impressive work! Keep it up.

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@Corentin_Robert nice work :+1:

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That is great, keep going!

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Thank you @Pratik_Shah @Rosewebstudio @AmeliaHornsby @Manan_Mehta for your support.

Please, don’t hesitate to send me a DM if you want to try it or friends of you want too.

It’s currently quite stable (no issues) and maybe I’ll add some new features depending on your feedbacks.

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Je suis preneur corentin !