Hot stock app

I have been playing around with a “Stock Market Game” simulator.

Take a look at it here

Two Main Screens
Portfolio: Assets listed with current holdings and balances
Trading Floor: All available stocks listed with current stock prices

Students buy and sell stocks with google finance supplied stock prices.

The thing I REALLY like: HOT STOCK
If you have at least $2500 in the bank you will randomly get a HOT STOCK ALERT that will ask you if you want to invest right away. Sometimes, it is a good purchase and you make money, sometimes it is a bad purchase and you lose money. It is random and you do not know when you make the purchase if it is going to turn out OK or not. You will only get ONE purchase a day. After you make the purchase, you get the news right away, and the news stays up for the rest of the day.

Some other things I like:
When BUYING a stock you can choose ALL IN and it will use all your money to buy the stock you want.
When SELLING a stock you already own, you can choose LIQUIDATE and it will share all your shares with one click.
On the Current Prices screen, you get an emoji beside the stocks you currently own.
In the menu there is a place to SUGGEST a stock. You have to do a little research, but it is there.

Downfalls I already know about, but am willing to live with:
Because it is free, the app will only refresh when the data changes.
Google Finance prices are delayed, but I work with elementary kids who will not really care.
Later, I may make it so that everyone can see the Trading Floor without signing in.

Things I wish I could do, but just can’t figure it out.
I would like to do a “Leaderboard” for everyone to see, BUT
I cannot get the Profiles tab to Rollup the Net Worth Total for everyone. Right now it is only doing it for signed in users, but everyone else that is not signed in does not have the correct balance. (I have made it copyable, so if you want to look around …)

I really just did it to help me learn somethings about glide and google, but it has become an obsession.
I may really only share it here, so let me know.


I have added a TAB to the app for Administrators.
(It usually would be hidden by Tab Filters but will be open for a while to every user while I work on it)

It has two buttons:

Add Cash this will let the teacher/admin give a cash bonus to any player who deserves it.
Update Prices button just increments a column in the sheet so the sheet will update.
(If a class has several active traders, the trades will take care of this.)


Very neat and fun!

Observation this is not a criticism of what you have created here.

Glide app is cutting off data within the chart. It needs to scale with the image or have some kind of padding in order to render correctly - viewing on iOS

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No problem @Rosewebstudio - that graph has not been there long and I was so working on the words and actions, that was one thing I have let go for now. …

Maybe I can get @Robert_Petitto to help me create a better one with!


Fantastic!!! :star_struck: I’d spend my day playing around lol


I was about to suggest you this… great tool man!

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Hey folks. I just a built a new app for learning about trading…Take a look

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Hey @spencersRus
I’m gonna start a project similar to what you did and tried to test it again, but I couldn’t when I tried to login

Is this private?

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@Lucas_Pires - it should be copyable now.

go for it


Thank you, @spencersRus !!

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