How to create a app for 1000 users


I have 1000 users ,some are normal users n some are premium users,

How can I create apps for both users but a single app?

It is always better to keep everything under one App. Hide tabs depending on the type of user.

I’m too wondering about this. Any additional worlds of wisdom are much appreciated.

I wanna do this too

Also any thoughts on a strategy to tease some content so the non paying members see the value and want to be on the paid plan?

I have a jump rope app that helps teachers learn to teach a robust program in physical education or Rex programs.

I have pages of tricks and routines of various types and styles along with teaching tips and motivation

Eventually I’ll run some contests where schools compete against each other

In options, you have a visibility condition… use it… if the user has paid plan active, show the element

Rowid looks better and more secure than visibility…

What point are you making? How will rowID make components hidden?

if rowId is set on Role Column (like Paid plan or free plan) the free user will see only the free things and Paid only the Paid things

Then you will limit the number of users to 3, 10, or 50 (depending on your plan) :wink: with visibility… you can have unlimited users

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Exact, RowID Make user private user…

they want 1000 users :wink:

You right, im sorry, il didnt see that point !

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