How to copy an app (and not the easy way)

Ok, my challenge…. How to copy some apps… but first, the context

I’ve got a telemedicine app for video supervised Covid 19 testing

  • user app (made with Google Sheet, glide tables, and hundreds of computed columns)
  • agent app (as above, shared GS & GT)

Already I’ve got about 6k registered users… and quickly we will start processing 500-1000 Covid tests a day (taking money too).

Next - it would be great to have Covessa Italy! Or Covessa Switzerland! So…. How can I do that? With the considerations:

  1. The data might not be allowed to be shared at all

So…. If I use a glide table, it has the same data across apps… but that is not allowed.
…. I have about 20 tables, a few with 500+ columns (so manually relying things is a non-starter)

Ideally I’d love to make additional copies of the app for airlines, hotels, even companies for their employees.

But … how?? Does anyone have any experience or insights? I’ve raised this with @Ian (for when he’s back), but I’m open to be creative. It costs 15 euro to do a corona test these days - so 1k tests a day = 30k a month = 450k euro revenue (therefore a problem worth fixing!)