How to control Calendar

I have 2 issue with the calendar.

1st when i click on the icon the calendar is visible, How to make it visible without click, so that user know that below there is calendar.

2nd is i want to make visible only April and May 2 months calendar only.

Is it possible and how, Any suggestion or help. Thanks

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Im afraid you have to build custom date picking view to resolve described tasks.
So you may consider to use choice pills and a lot (i mean really LOT) of CSS.

This is unlikely to be possible. You can only restrict people from adding an invalid date, let’s say doing this in a form/edit screen and use CSS to disable the submit/save button when the date falls out of the desired range.

So can I like allow only certain dates using css ?

Theoretically yes, you can disable the submit/save button by CSS and only allow that CSS to come into play with certain conditions.