How to constraint date time picker in form?

I’m looking, for an app, to let users select a :calendar: date & :mantelpiece_clock: time, in the future (so after now) and maybe constraint to some time (like only between opening_hour and closing_hour) and minimum date now + min_time_for_order …

Any plan to let us define constraints on time picker on Glide?
Any idea of how to do it? I was thinking about maybe generating a 15min increment slot until last_delivery_hour and starting now + min_time_for_order or something like this …

As of now your best bet is like you stated, have a separate date pick via a choice component, and a time pick via another choice component.

I fear that’s the only solution indeed. I let the feed open a couple of days if some Glide staff or insiders have some infos :slight_smile:

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