🤔 How to: "Connect" two entries and display the result (w/ video)


In this app, some of the transactions need to be able to share collateral. i.e.; A collateral of $500 can be used by up to 2 transactions maximum as long as the transactions are in progress.

I am looking for ways to “connect” the transactions meaning a way to know which two transactions are sharing the collateral at the same time. Then display that information.

Any feedback is appreciated!


Couldn’t you use a Relation or Query to link the two TradeID to itself?

I did create a relation which did work. So maybe I should ask the question differently:

How do I rework this so that I can mark which two transactions are sharing collateral and display just the ones currently sharing it.

So far each transaction will have a TradeID by default. But I would need to display only the ones currently sharing the collateral.

Does that make sense?

So you mean that only the row that share a TradeID AND have the collateral checkbox checked would be shared?

If so, you could also add the collateral checkbox value to your trade id and use that for the relation…or you could use a Query column and specify that the Trade ID and Collateral must match.

But if I’m understanding the question correctly, then that still causes an issue where all rows with the collateral unchecked would still be grouped. In that case I would still go with a query column, but add a third condition that you only want those with the collateral checked.

So the query would be set up like this.

TradeID is This Row → TradeID
Collateral is This Row → Collateral
Collateral is checked

Currently, yes.

To be more precise both sides would have the same Live or sim designation, Ticker, spread amount, collateral and expiration date.

All five of those are the same in order to share the same collateral.

Thanks for your input!