Connecting two glide apps together

Hey Guys,

Have a small issue that Ive hit and would appreciate all the help I can get on it.

Basically I have two apps.

  1. Optitect Draftsman
  2. Optitect Customer

The idea is that a customer logs into optitect customer and sends a form that gets emailed (Zapier) to a Draftsman. The draftsman receives the email and logs into his app and decides he wants to accept the project. So he logs into his app and creates a new project(through a list, theres a button that they click that says add and enter details)with the customers email and some other details. Then through a list of switches he toggles - Project accepted, Project assigned to Draftsman, Work in progress, work finished as he moves through the project. Now when he does this the client has some check boxes on their side which gets checked when the draftsman toggles his switches.

So essentially its a plan tracker for clients to manage their drawings which is controlled by the draftsman. Question is how do I connect both glide apps so that when a Draftsman toggles his switches it checks the boxes on the corresponding customers dashboard.

If you could give me some ideas I would appreciate it.

The simplest approach to this would be to use a shared database, so that both Apps are referencing the same set of tables.

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Hey thanks so much for your help…Could we get in contact? my email is

Do you need any further help with this?

I was looking at doing something similar but instead I just used the one app and made all menus and tabs viewable dependant on the Role of the User. So Customer vs Provider for example. User asks for help and submits ticket. Provider gets a notification, logs in and sees request.

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If it’s manageable for you then that absolutely works. People generally split apps when they get to a great scale and the effort to keep everything in one place is too much.

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Yeah fair enough. The main aspect I found was having to jump between “Viewing as…” feature. That way i know im viewing as a Customer or Provider. I have a few fake email accounts that all have varying levels of interaction. Such as Provider New, Provider Existing, Customer New, Customer Existing. That way can see what the app looks like when the user logs in for the first time vs an existing user. Keeps Menus and components cleaner.

You can try some thing like:

All PIN emails would still go to, but you get to have multiple accounts to test in your project.

I already do this.

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Yeah, I think that is the best thing we can do for testing purposes.

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