How to conditionally use template column

I have these columns for first name, preferred name, and last name that all flows into Full Name where it is formatted as:

FirstName (PreferredName) LastName


However, sometimes someone may not have a preferred name. Is there a way to not include the parentheses if the preferred name is blank?

This is my template currently:

Create a separate template column that adds the parentheses to the Preferred Name.
Then create an if-then-else column as follows:

  • if Preferred Name is not empty, then template column

And then use that if-then-else column in your final template

Just tried to achieve this with a one column using JS and here’s what I got! :smiley:


function getFullName(firstName, preferredName = "", lastName) {
  let fullName = "";

  if (preferredName === "") {
    fullName = lastName !== "" ? `${firstName} ${lastName}` : firstName;
  } else {
    fullName = lastName !== "" ? `${firstName} ${preferredName} ${lastName}` : `${firstName} ${preferredName}`;

  return fullName;

const result = getFullName(p1, p2, p3);

const parts = result.split(' ').filter(part => part !== 'undefined');
const cleanedResult = parts.length === 1 ? parts[0] : parts.join(' ');

return cleanedResult;

Thank you

Here’s a shorter version.

const getFullName = (firstName, preferredName = '', lastName) => 
  (firstName || '') + (preferredName ? ` (${preferredName})` : '') + (lastName ? ` ${lastName}` : '');

return getFullName(p1, p2, p3);

Using ternary and logical OR operators can simplify it.


Awesome Thinh! Thanks for sharing this! Still I’m learning JS in school and I hope one day I can also short my long codes :raised_hands::smiley:

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