3 columns into one template column problem


I have 3 column in my user profile,

House number, street name,city

I convert this into a template column as address to show my delivery details.

Suppose my user deletes the city name in user profile,its still taking the orders when the user orders.

But I want its not to allow to order.

Im already throws error if there is no phone number,name ,address.

But how can I if some values in address field should throw error.

Create an if-then-else column:

  • If house number is empty, then blank
  • If street name is empty, then blank
  • If city is empty, then blank
  • Else true

Then only allow ordering if that column is true.


Couldn’t understand how can I implement this. please give some detail insight.

Well, I guess you have a button or something similar that a user would tap to start the ordering process?

You could either hide the button, or show it as disabled if the required conditions are not met.
To hide it, you just need a visibility condition - where the if-then-else column is not true.
To disable it, you would need to create a custom action, and then include a conditional statement that checks if the if-then-else column is true. If it isn’t, the button will still be shown, but it will be disabled.

I need to inform the user with a notification,you need an house number like that if there is no house number and similarly for street name and city.

May be like,house number missing in address

Hi Darren

I gave it in the action it is working.no problem.

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Well done :+1:

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