How to Build for Multiple Clients/Customers on Glide

Maybe you don’t need your Business Plan?

It depends how you intend to run your business. Is it your intention to build Apps for multiple clients? If yes, then you may be better off with an Agency Plan.


my main concern is the customer.
It’s about creating a pricing.
If the customer already has 250 bugs as fixed costs, I think that’s a proud price.
And then there are the costs of creating the app.

Since the business package allows you to operate several apps, each with its own usage figures, my idea was actually to create the app on my business account and thus offset my costs for the business plan somewhere.

But reading what I’ve read here, that’s not actually the plan.

I’d be interested to know what your customers say about 250$ fixed costs per month or what you charge on average for creating a business app (so a price range would help me here).

Not all plan limits are per app. In fact most are not. If you are hosting another business’s app in the same team that you use for yourself or other businesses, then you are both sharing a lot of the usage limits across the entire team. Just want to make sure you are aware of that. If they begin to exceed usage limits for the team, it could affect your apps and vice versa, and youcould potentially be stuck with the extra costs that they incurred.


Ok, thank you Jeff.
What if I used one team per business? Then you should be able to avoid such problems, right?

Sure, but then you are still back to separate plans and billing per team.

Ah ok, now I’m beginning to understand.

Then we’re back to the 250 bugs per month for the customer.
What is your experience? Do customers pay that without further ado? Or how do you calculate this? Do you let the customer pay for Glide themselves and only charge for the app creation?

I only build for myself. I don’t build for others, so I can’t speak from personal experience.

I believe most experts use the agency plan for themselves, create new teams for their clients, and then build in the clients team. The client pays for the plan. If you go that route, then you get revenue share from whatever the client spends on their plan, plus you would charge separately to build the app and possibly a monthly retainer if they want to keep you on for further maintenance and improvements.


Yes - This is correct, Jeff. Thank you :slight_smile:


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