How To: Build a Gamified Glide App (updated 9/14/20)

There are a lot of rows, yes. I recommend buying the row boost package.

Your videos are all fantastic! I’ve built an onboarding experience like you did above. But I’d like to add the date that the user profile was created to the user table. I don’t see an obvious way to do this in Glide. Any ideas?

There isn’t yet. Best you can do is a vlookup to the App: Logins Sheet or use a script to write the timestamp in a cell once the profile has been created.

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I had a feeling I’d be getting familiar with Google Scripts if I wanted that. But I’ll checkout the logins tab too. Thanks for the quick reply!

Hey @Robert_Petitto I’m having issues with the sign-in screen. When I sign out and try to explore , my expected result is for the user is to be sent to the sign-in screen but instead getting sent straight to the onboarding tab?