How to best track multiple required evolutions

Hi there. I’m building an application that will track multiple trainees progress through an extensive training syllabus. Each trainee will require multiple evolutions (some of those evolutions will be required to be performed successfully several times). For example:

Trainee Smith must perform 5 evolution1 events, 3 evolution2 events, 1 evolution3 events, etc. Based on the level of qualification, there are as many as 70 different evolutions required, some of which need multiple iteration.

What would be an efficient method to track this? Do I really need a row with 90+ columns per trainee?


I assume you would have a “Current Evolution Level” column to store the level in numeric form.

Say you’re at level 0, then you can have a math column: Current Evolution Level + 1, in this case 0 + 1 = 1. This stands for the “next level”.

Next, add an if-then-else column. Based on the next level, create logic to show the number of events MINUS 1 for the current level that the user must complete to advance to the next one. I.e: Next level equals 1 then 4 events, next level equals 2 then 2 events etc.

I don’t know how you’re storing the events, but if you have them in a separate table, with the trainee’s ID/email, and the “level” of that event, then you can use a query & rollup to count the number of events they have done for the current level.

In the action that writes a new row to the Events table, if the user’s current events count equals to the if-then-else column, then on submission, set the new level to that user’s row (meaning this event is the one that takes them to the next level, that’s why I suggested minus 1 2 steps ago).

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Thanks sir! This helps quite a bit in organizing my thoughts!


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