Data collection conundrum

I created a simple data collection app for a disaster relief group with many volunteers. The data tables cross reference each other to set up different lists (ie. list of all volunteers, list of volunteers by disaster, list of admin).
The problem I am having is when you select two sets of data (ex. select multiple disasters because you volunteered at more than one), which is an option in the app creator, that person falls off all of the lists of people connected to those two disasters. They no longer show up on either list unless you go back and only select one disaster. (they don’t leave the data tables, only the lists on the app.
Hopefully I’m explaining this well.

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Sounds like you just need to setup an appropriate relation/query. When a volunteer adds themselves to a second Disaster, does that create a new row in your table, or is an existing row updated?

Can you show how these entries appear in the Glide Data Editor?

It’s an existing row update.

Okay, cool. Here is what you can do:

  • Add a Split Text column to your Volunteers table that targets the Disaster Event column. This will create an array of events.
  • Add a multiple relation column that matches the array column with the Disaster name in your Disasters table.
  • You can then use that multiple relation column as the source of a Collection on your Volunteers detail screen

Note that the above will break if you have a Disaster name that contains a comma, of if you edit the name of a Disaster. A more robust approach would be to add a RowID column to your Disasters table, and write that RowID into your Volunteers table.

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Awesome! I had an existing reaction column that I needed to select [match multiple] on. Just needed to create a multiple relation column and point the reaction column in the right direction. Thanks tons!

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