How to be a contributor and add our own custom cells on glide-data-grid

Hi Team,

My name is Dilip Thakkar, I’m a seasoned software developer with more than four years of experience in React, Node.js, JavaScript, and Java. I’m writing to express my keen interest in contributing to the Glide Data Grid project.

Please advise on how to get started or if there are specific tasks where my expertise would be valuable.


Dilip Thakkar

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What are you looking to contribute? There are bugs filed in the git repo that need love and attention. Major feature work is available in the form of feature requests. Pick anything you like and leave comments Im happy to help.


We are building an application with glide data grid in which we needs following features that are missing:

  1. We need a column with icon buttons.
  2. We need a master checkbox kind of thing for boolean columns.
  3. We need filter options for text columns.

Even this features are doable with some custom code, but it would be great if glide-data-grid will provide these features. Can i raise a feature request and then made it assign to me for development. ???

Thanks for the support Jason.

Yay! @Jason is still alive and well!


It takes a special summoning ritual. :slight_smile: