How to auto assign data to a field without user action?

I am developing an app to help volleyball coaches manage player rotations and substitutions. I have a parent table, Game, which has a related child table, Line-up, with 6 records (one for each position on the court). The Line-up record has separate fields for 4 players (i.e. “Player on the court”, “Starter” and 2 “Substitutes”).

When each of the 6 Line-up records are added, I have the coach (user) select players from a master Roster table using Choice entry for the “Starter” and 2 “Substitute” fields. The Choice Entries have conditions set that prevent the coach from selecting a player more than once. Upon the execution of the Submit link for the add, I want Glide to auto assign the “Starter” field value to the “Player on the court” field without user interaction.

I cannot simply use a Choice Entry for “Player on the court” field with a default value set equal to the “Starter” field value because Glide does not allow me to pick any of the fields from the Line-up record as the default. Also the “Player on the court” Choice Entry conditions limit the choices from the “Starter” and “Substitute” fields but these do not yet exist in the table because this new record has not be Submitted.

I cannot use a self-relation (relate the record to itself) because the record does not yet exist in the Line-up table.

I cannot use If-Then-Else for the “Player on the court” field because I want the Coach to be able to change the “Player on the court” at any time.

I have tried a variety of other techniques but none have been successful. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


So how about a script that copies the value from the starter field upon submission to the on the court field? That would be hard coded and you can edit that later.

Thanks for that suggestion. My preference is to try to do it natively in Glide but I will consider this approach as an option.

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Let me know if you need help with the script, have a nice Sunday!