How to auto-add Place information (address, phone number)

I’m not sure if this has been asked/answered elsewhere (I couldn’t find this anywhere).

Is there a way to automatically add details for “places” that are added to the app? Can an apps script (or formlua) be used to look up information from a place’s google business directory, so that someone doesn’t have to manually look-up all of this information (tedious, and potentially causing errors in information submitted).

I realize importXML won’t work (due to google business webscraping restrictions), but perhaps there’s some integration with google maps that can be used?

You can use the information in the below article. It shows how to use an API to ImportJSON into the Google sheet and then use glide to show them. In the example, it shows how to show latest news articles from a news API. In your case, you may use a google maps API.

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I just bookmarked this page earlier today. It may apply: