Google Maps / Places API for Autocomplete field in Glide App?

Hello all,

I have read a lot of posts about the failures of implementing Google Places ApI into GlideApps - Google Sheets has this option for SmartChips that allows to use a Google Maps location that gives all the necessary information of a business / place (Address, phone number, website and pictures) - is there anyway that I can include a field where I begin to type “Westin Cadillac Hotel” and I am able to autocomplete the business selection of that place?

You would still have to leverage an API if you want to do it with Glide, I think. If you have access to Business/Enterprise, I would try using the Call API action to see if you can make it work with Google Places.

Else, I would use an on-submit action to send the address to, and try to work with Google Places/an equivalent solution over there, then use an API call to bring the info back to Glide.

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Hi there. Perhaps this provide insight?