Google Places Api

Is there a way to pull in information from the Google Places API (or other similar one) based on the name of a searched place? For example if you’re building a city guide and want people to be able to search for the name of a restaurant and then select that restaurant from a drop-down list with the image, location and website components pulled in through the API or would all of the options need to be pre-loaded into a spreadsheet first?

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There’s a paid Google ad on called Geosheets that might meet your need until then.

Thanks Robert. This takes care of doing the geocoding and getting location co-ordinates in the google sheets.

Unfotrunately, this doesn’t help do the auto-fill during the search


No, there is no api functionality in the way you are wanting. The sheet would have to be preloaded, or you would have to integrate a google script or zapier to get the information once a user inputs data. I would be slow and could potentially take a few minutes to get anything back.


I’m doing something like what you want. I use a script with some Google Maps API’s functions to find out the closest stores/places to where the user selected on the APP.

To avoid the 1.000 Daily Query Limit set by Google, I try avoid “direct” searches from users and their specific locations and improve the throughput of results.

Let me finish my prototype and I will show you